Effect Index, which is currently under construction, is a resource dedicated to establishing the field of formalised subjective effect documentation. It is the home of the Subjective Effect Index (SEI), which contains 233 effect descriptions that exist to serve as a comprehensive map of all potential experiences that can occur under the influence of any class of psychoactive compound, particularly hallucinogens.

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Hallucinogenic substance classes, broken down and described
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Analyses that go beyond individual subjective effects

Inspired by the Shulgin Rating Scale, this article attempts to model the overall psychedelic experience as a systematic progression of seven levels.

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Recommended firsthand accounts of hallucinogenic experiences
2.5g Syrian Rue / 6g Mimosa hostilis rootbark Oral
2g Syrian Rue / 1g Mimosa Hostillis Oral
60mg Oral
70 mg oral
by nervewing
50mg Intranasal
4 tabs Oral
10 mg Intranasal
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