This index contains a range of articles on a variety of different topics, each of which are relevant to the field of Subjective Effect Documentation or psychonautics as a whole.

  • Psychedelic Therapy

    Sunday, April 19 2020
    · 19 Minute Read

    These are scientifically-supported therapy principles and techniques designed to be easily understood by the general public. Even in the absence of hallucinogens, applying these skills to modify automated dysfunctional cognitive processes can be as effective as lone pharmacological treatments or the entire collection of cognitive behavioral therapy instruction.

    Graham Reed
  • Dreams

    documented and described

    Thursday, March 18 2021
    · 11 Minute Read

    This article attempts to comprehensively document the subjective effects that occur during dream states by breaking them down into their individual sub-components while providing detailed descriptions and leveling systems wherever possible.

    Josie Kins
    subjective effect documentation
  • Lucid dreaming

    Saturday, March 20 2021
    · 13 Minute Read

    This article focuses on serving as an informational guide for learning to consistently gain a stable sense of lucidity within one's own dreams, as well as the instructional techniques for utilizing and harnessing further control of the dream once this has been achieved.

    Josie Kins
    subjective effect documentation