Brief unity on weed



Name: Maethor
Trip Date: 04/15/2018
Age: 27
Setting: Driving
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft11
Weight: 185 lb


Name Dosage Route of Administration
Cannabis ~300 mg Smoked



Before I left my house, I packed a pipe with roughly 300mg of cannabis indica. It’s about an hour drive, and I smoked about half the bowl.


Having spent about 45 minutes at my destination, got back in my car, and set out for home. I continued smoking along the way.



About halfway through my drive home I was thinking about mindfulness meditation, what I was doing in the current moment, and why I was driving home. I didn’t need to be home for any particular reason, it was just the place I go when I don’t need to be somewhere else.

My sense of self briefly transformed to be the entire region in which I’d been traveling, which was currently putting away one of its resources. The illusion of agency was briefly broken as I was a small part of a larger system.

After a moment I became lost in thought again and returned to a normal sense of self.

Conclusion / Aftermath

It seems rare to encounter unity and interconnectedness with cannabis alone. I’ve been practising meditation and reflecting on the Buddhist concept of non-self for a few months, as well as contemplating the neuroscience of free will.

Further experimentation will be required to determine if this was a drug experience or meditative experience. Most likely a bit of both. I’m encouraged by Oskykin’s report that unity is achievable without the assistance of drugs.