An underwhelming experience



Name: Josie
Trip Date: 13/03/2018
Age: 25
Setting: Alone inside my living room with my girlfriend sleeping in the bedroom
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft9
Weight: ~150lbs
Medications: 300mg spironolactone / 8mg estradiol daily


Name Dosage Route of Administration
Salvia divinorum 15mg of 15x extract Smoked


12:00 am:

After I smoked the salvia and closed my eyes, I felt my body was drifting backwards into a void. I got the sense I was going to become part of something ridiculous such as a machinescape and that the situation was going to be very funny, I started to laugh at myself a little. As I drifted backwards, I realised that although it was significantly more challenging to remember, I could still understand who I was and where I was.

12:04 am:

I quickly realised that the trip was not even close to as strong as last week despite taking the same dosage. I, therefore, decided this was probably an excellent opportunity to document the weaker effects of salvia so got up and started typing this.

I am experiencing cognitive suppressions, depersonalisation, analysis suppression, thought deceleration, and emotion suppression. My body feels heavier than usual, and my palms started sweating. My vision is blurry, and sections of my environment such as objects in the foreground or background seem somehow qualitatively different in a way I can’t quite specify.


12:11 am:

I’m still getting cognitive and visual impairments, but they are quickly wearing off.

Conclusion / Aftermath

Either the hallucinatory states are inconsistent, or my mg scales are not capable of weighing out 15mg without a significant margin of error. I will smoke 20mg next just to clarify which option is the case.

A significant realisation during this experience was that every time I’ve smoked salvia both recently and in the past, I get a feeling that my body is suddenly pulled backwards into another space which is where the hallucination takes place. The further I am pulled into this darkened space the more I forget who I am, and the more intense the hallucinations become.

I remember acknowledging this six years ago as a teenager but had since forgotten that this was the case. I find it fascinating that even after all these years, the subtle effects of a hallucinogen can be so precisely the same in every way that it jogs my memory to recall previously forgotten experiences.

Thanks for reading.