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Hey there, my name is Josie Kins. I am also the person who created and wrote the subjective effect index. I also founded this website alongside of and

I am a 25-year-old British girl from Hastings, East Sussex who currently resides in Fort Collins, Colorado. I have dedicated my life to establishing the field of formalised phenomenological subjective effect documentation and have recently decided to start a dedicated website in an attempt to popularise the topic.

If you need to contact or stalk me you can find my various handles below:

list of potential site changes

  • a way to easily embed effect descriptions into other articles in a manner which will auto-update when the original article is changed. For example in an article about psychedelic visual effects, we will need to tag articles with ##effect[geometry] or whatever.
  • a user permissions set called “artists” which adds the person as a replicator, puts their page under an artists subsection, and lets them add replciations