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I am a contributor to the Effect Index project and the lead developer of DoseBot and TripReportr.

I joined the Project after meeting Josie in July of 2017 on the Subjective Effect Documentation Discord server and have contributed new effects, edited existing effects, provided subjective experience reports, and worked on the development of the Effect Index’s website, DoseBot (a harm reduction Discord bot used by over 78000 users daily across over 100 servers), and TripReportr (a trip report creation utility).

I am very interested in the intersection of technology and psychonautics and extremely passionate about utilizing the combination of both in order to enable safe, responsible use of recreational compounds, treat mental health issues, such as depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, debunk cultural misconceptions about substance use, and provide accurate, rational, and data-driven insights into the psychedelic experience.

I am very familiar with:

  • Psychonautics
  • Responsible use
  • Psychedelics
    • In particular the treatment of PTSD
  • Dissociatives
    • In particular the treatment of depression
  • Nootropics
  • Oneironautics