This open source software, created by Zenx2, was designed using a combination of fractal based mathematics, psychedelic artwork, and extensive experience with hallucinogenic compounds. It attempts to simulate or replicate the various types of complex geometry and hallucinatory imagery that is typically experienced under the influence of high dose psychedelics.

It is worth noting that while the artist is credited for each replication wherever possible, if you would like your artwork removed or its link altered please do not hesitate to contact us at



To run the software, extract the .zip file into a folder and open "PsySim.jar". This software runs through Java, so please ensure that the latest version Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is installed.

To configure the visualization so that it responds to audio input, attach a microphone, or (in Windows Sound settings) set the speaker as the microphone/input device.

There are a variety of keyboard buttons which can control various aspects of PsySim. A complete list of these can be found below:

  • S - save screenshot
  • B - activates/deactivates symmetry changing with the beat (off by default)
  • Left arrow - slow down time (can also reverse time)
  • Right arrow - accelerate time
  • K - reduce Tracers
  • L - increase Tracers
  • Up arrow - increase Music Reactivity Sensitivity
  • Down arrow - decrease Music Reactivity Sensitivity
  • M - toggle Using Microphone or Fake Reactivity
  • N - show Sound Spectrum
  • V - toggle Rosette Symmetry or Droste Spiral (default Rosette)
  • C - toggle Simple Mode (disables extra imagery, can increase performance)
  • 1-9 - sets Symmetry Mode